LCA: the new movement


if you’re reading this, you probably know one of us. but just in case you don’t (and since we hope to have an ever-expanding fan base), i wanted to introduce you to the lawn chair anthropology blog.

lawn chair anthropology is…

crystal aka “big chief” on drums
caroline aka “shirley” on bass
zach aka “tate” on some form of guitar
dana aka “danabag” doing the vocals
kristen aka “mumby” not doing anything musical, just kind of hanging around so that i can say “i know the band.”

okay, we’re not really a band. we’re more like a group of overworked, underslept bioanthropology grad students at the university of michigan. we are all in the lab of milford wolpoff, who’s kind of a big deal:

we are the co-founders of lawn chair anthropology, which will be a chronicle of the days in the life of a bunch of first year grad students. we live in a place much sweeter than the real world: the ivory tower. join us, and find out just what “lawn chair anthropology” really means.

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