Coming soon: "3.5 million years BC"

Did anybody else read this review of 10,000 BC on Hawk’s blog? I haven’t seen the movie, but some of these so-called reviews he quotes are hilarious/sad/make me want to become a hermit.

P.S. The joke in the title is not mine, it is stolen from Dave Pappano, who is planning a trilogy movie-series poking-fun at the 10,000 BC movie. For more info, read his blog, “Musings From the Ivory Tower” (see sidebar for link) where he will shortly be detailing this filming-plan of his.

P.P.S. Folks (not including zach), we need to post on here more… did you know we got in a minor car accident road tripping to MSU TWO WEEKS AGO? What about the variety of lectures people have attended? (especially the ones I haven’t gone to… somebody please post about those – Buss, Flannery…). If necessary, I can post about more TV shows, but most of them aren’t as intelligent-ish as my last one. Come on, I know you aren’t always taking notes in class!

P.P.P.S. Please note that the last postscript was directed at myself too, so please don’t hate me.

3 thoughts on “Coming soon: "3.5 million years BC"

  1. I’ve been waiting to post on the Palau dwarf material. The paper itself didn’t come out until yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to read it then. I did see comments from one of the paper’s reviewers(who will remain anonymous at for the moment) who basically ripped the paper apart. Plus there was my note in the email to paleoanthro about PLoS ONE. Long story short: the Palau material is nothing to get excited about. Moreover, the Nature coverage of the story make it sound like it was a pretty shady deal. I’ll post more later.

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