Road Trip!

In an attempt to gather data for our osteology project (and my hominid origins project), Bernie and I left Ann Arbor at 6:20am this morning to visit the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. After an uneventful drive, we reached the museum early and stood around looking at a juvenile tyrannus saurus rex exhibit. We started measuring pelves around 10:30ish, having been shown around and learning how to articulate a pelvis with rubber bands (size matters). We took a break for lunch at the museum cafe (which had much better food than certain osteology profs led us to believe). After lunch we met Owen Lovejoy and Bruce Latimer, who were also doing work in the museum today. They’re funny guys. Lyman Jellema (another guy with a great sense of humor) showed us his electronic bone board (which inputs the measurements into an Excel file with the press of a button). Overall, it was a great visit. Then, on the ride home…. SNOW ATTACK!!!! From Toledo to Ann Arbor, nothing but snow/slush/ice. Lots of people were in ditches. But I survived and the car made it and so did we… although it took about 4 and a half hours instead of the usual three due to having to drive 20 mph most of the way.

I got home to find out that my sister finally made it onto a plane that took off (and will hopefully land shortly in Kansas).

Overall, good day.

2 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. so lovejoy’s a fun guy? i absolutely adore his last name. do you think i can meet him at the aapas? and tell him how awesome his name is overall? owen and lovejoy…it’s just the best name ever. but will that make bruce latimer feel bad? because his name is pretty sweet too.

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