cartoon contradictions

i have a post that is in no way related to bones, hominids, or science. if you were expecting that, then you shouldn’t read the rest of this, and should instead go read science or nature or something else. but given it’s a friday, i think it’s okay to be a little irreverent.

so i pose a series of questions related to disney cartoon characters that don’t sit well with me:

in a cartoon featuring donald duck, he is shown as wearing a towel when coming out of the shower around his waist. YET given the fact that he does not wear pants, i just don’t get it.

and what’s more…if donald wears no pants, you might think this is just a cartoon thing. but then what about mickey?

and even if you accept the fact that mickey wears pants and donald does not (but wears a towel when coming out of the shower so must have some sense of propriety), what is up with goofy and pluto?

Both goofy and pluto are dogs. so then why is goofy anthropomorphic, yet pluto is relegated to fetching the newspaper and carrying around bones? it just doesn’t add up.

is it because of the location of goofy’s foramen magnum? is that why he is bipedal?

it’s funny because i never thought of these things when i was eight. but when i was eight, i also built a fort under my bed. when my sister was eight, she ate potpourri because she thought it was candy. so who knows?

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