Language Time!

Foreign language requirement time, that is. Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren. Three (drei) days into my German 101 class and so far so good (gut).

I know we all have this requirement to fill, and that Milford the Great only requires us to be able to read articles in a foreign language (French, German, Italian…). As such, I thought you might be interested in this site. It works like this: copy your foreign language text that you’re trying to read and paste it onto the site. The site then hyperlinks all of the words so that when you click on them, the dictionary translation pops up in a new window. The usefulness of this is that it allows you to read a block of text to the best of your ability, quickly looking up the (hopefully few) vocab terms that stump you. It also keeps track of the words you click on and gives you a vocab list of terms to study once you’re done, so that the next time you come across them maybe they won’t look so foreign. Since the typical intro language book doesn’t cover terms like “paleoanthropology, anterior superior iliac spine, hominid origins, etc.” I thought this might be a useful way to learn them in context based on the articles you need to be able to read.


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