Google Tips

Nerd that I am, I discovered this article with tips for using Google searches to your benefit.

Tips I thought were most useful:
1. Movie times: either type in the name of the movie and your zip code, or just type “movies” and your zip code
2. Time zones: type “time” and a city’s name (or zip code) to find out what time it is there
3. Related searches: add a “~” in front of a word (e.g. “~nutrition” will turn up searches for food, nutrition and health)
4. Exclude words from search: add “-” in front of word to exclude it from the search (e.g. “dessert -cookies” will search dessert but exclude finds that include cookies)
5. Conversions: “5 miles in kilometers”
6. Flight status “Delta flight 5778” tells you if it’s on time
7. Specific image searches: UPDATE: Google Image now has a handy drop down menu to let you choose what type of picture you want to search (news, photo, face, line drawing…) – Very handy! type “&imgtype=” when in the image search to specify which type of image you want (choose from =photo, =face, =news, and probably many others). E.g. “rose &imgtype=face” will search for pictures of faces, and not pictures of flowers
8. Track UPS/FedEx shippings by entering in the tracking number
9. Search college sites by adding “site:edu” to the end of the search (probably works for gov also)
10. Definitions: “define: word” gives a definition of the word
11. Weather: “weather 12345” gives the weather in zip code 12345
12. let’s you type in two key words, then tells you how often each one is used (e.g. “hunger pains” vs “hunger pangs” – pangs wins)

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