Community on NBC: Anthropology is cool dammit

I try not to watch too much TV these days, but one show I do enjoy is Community. It’s about a diverse group of students at a small community college in some town called Greendale. Last season, we followed the exploits of their Spanish 101 & 102 study group. This year, the group is brought together because they’re taking ANTHROPOLOGY, and Betty White plays their professor. Awesome (I liked anthropology before it was cool again). If you like to laugh and be happy, do yourself a favor and follow the link above to watch Community on Hulu.

3 thoughts on “Community on NBC: Anthropology is cool dammit

  1. I have loved Community since the very beginning (that's prolly because I'm in love with Joel McHale!) but this season's premiere included Anthropology AND Betty White. OMG! It's like a gay Anthropologist just died and went to heaven.I'm hoping that Betty White will make another cameo, or even having the Anthropology class scene a permanent fixture this season. Anthropology rocks!

  2. I know, I'm pissed (spoiler alert!) she got suspended for attacking Winger, I thought she'd be a more regular fixture on the show. Last night's was pretty good, too.

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