Got beef with worms?

Photo: {}, by Eric Rottinger at

Flipping through the current issue of Current Biology, it sounds like someone has some serious beef with acoelomorph flatworms. Apparently these critters have been used as a model for the ‘missing link’ between simple-bodied cnidarians (like jellyfish) and bilaterians (bilaterally symmetrical animals like you and me and flies and fish, and really a good deal of animal biodiversity); and this may be problematic according to the commentary. The origins of bilaterians is a major development in the evolution of body plans, a topic about which I know nothing. But I’m sold on the title and a line of the summary:
Title: A Soap Opera of Unremarkable Worms.
From the summary: “…acoelomorphs might instead be degenerate deuterostomes…”
Take that, you shifty bastard flatworms.

Acoelomorph roast
Lowe CJ, & Pani AM (2011). Animal Evolution: A Soap Opera of Unremarkable Worms. Current biology : CB, 21 (4) PMID: 21334293

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