top things grad students spend their time doing:
1. complaining
2. drinking/making coffee
3. reading articles and immediately forgetting what they were about OR reading articles and not understanding anything in the entire article until the section “acknowledgements”
4. figuring out how many coffee cards you have from the coffee shop, and if you put them all together…can you get a free coffee? maybe if you had enough cards, they’d feel bad for you and give you the coffee anyway. i dont know, i haven’t gotten to that point yet.
5. watching stupid things on the internets

as you can see…very little changes from being an undergrad to a grad student. except you can now say, “when i was in college…” indicating the past tense. and when you say it, you long so very much to be in college again. because college was easy. you never pulled all nighters, you never took too many classes, it was always sunny, and you barely remember the hell that was grad school applications.