How to get students to read 94 articles in a week (or less)

I know this professor from undergrad, and it’s ideas like this that make him one of my teaching heroes. This was an UNDERGRAD class – each student read 5 articles, posted their own summaries/main ideas on the Zoho thing, and then every student – EVERY SINGLE STUDENT – read the summaries posted by the others… resulting in all students having the main points from 94 articles prior to the start of class. Think of the discussions made possible by this sort of thing! This sounds like a seminar-like class, so it’s 16 students instead of 75, but it’s still very encouraging.

Does anyone know how to use the Zoho thing? I’m curious about it’s capabilities.

Devolve Yourself

Because we all could do with some devolution (what?)… bbc now lets you upload a picture of yourself to see what you would look like as an australopithecine, habiline, erectine, etc. It’s entertaining if not entirely useful (who comes up with this stuff?). The site is a link from their Darwin site, which looks kind of useful (snazzy at least). In a semi-related note, anyone interested in a Darwin Party? February 12, right?