Wanted: Catchier Titles

This past year I finally got around to being productive. I wrote a paper with J. Francis Thackeray, and we presented it as a poster at this year’s American Association of Physical Anthropology meeting in Albuquerque. I also presented a small study about global patterns of human cranial trait covariation at a graduate student conference here at the University of Michigan. I’m overall pleased with the final products, but I’m really kicking myself in the buttocks over the titles:

“One or two species: a morphometric comparison of robust australopithecines from Swartkrans and Kromdraai”
“Conspecificity of South African robust australopithecines”
“Population-specific patterns of variation and studies of integration” (which was originally “variation and covariation within and among human populations,” sounds like a real page-turner, I know)
Translation: boooooring! So one goal I have for the future is to come up with catchier titles for my projects. I mean, almost anything would be more interesting than the titles I used. How about something like “Putting broken faces to work” for the first two, and “Different Cov(x,y) for different folks.” These may not be too good, but they’re certainly better than my original titles. Once armed with fancier titles, then all I’ll need is a good dissertation onto which to slap a good title.