Vegetarians are able to produce kids with brains

Archaeologist John Speth gave a very interesting Brown Bag presentation today entitled, “How important were large mammals, animal protein, and DHA in hominin evolution? ‘Paleoanthropology still ain’t heard the news’.”

In it, he discussed why the aquatic theory that human evolution was driven by a need for DHA fatty acids for brain function was probably wrong. His reasoning was that if humans needed to consume DHA (which is found in seafoods) to get enough of it, then populations that didn’t eat seafood would not have “proper” brains, which is of course not what is observed. This is where the title-quote about vegetarians comes in. It turns out many of the previous studies on humans producing DHA were done solely on males, and it wasn’t until recently that females were studied as well. It turns out females are more efficient at bio-synthesizing DHA than males, and that DHA is stored in adipose tissues, which females tend to have more of.

So, does anyone know if this means I can stop buying expensive OJ with Omega-3’s added in?