Osteology Everywhere

I saw a humerus bone sticking out of the ground on my walk home today.

Just kidding. It was just a stupid tree (left). But it does look a lot like a reversed back-side view of thASK-VP-3/78 distal humerus of Ardipithecus kadabba (right-most of the right pic; Haile-Selassie 2001). It’s like someone blew up and unacceptably interred it, exposing only the top of the olecranon fossa (the big pit in the pic on the right, where the roots bifurcate on the tree at left). “ARE YOU A HOMINID OR NOT?” I almost yelled at the tree.
When you spend so much of your time working with bones, well you start seeing bones everywhere. And you’d be surprised how often you’ll find something when you’re looking for it, even inadvertently.
ResearchBlogging.orgWhat nature reminded me of: Haile-Selassie Y (2001). Late Miocene hominids from the Middle Awash, Ethiopia. Nature, 412 (6843), 178-81 PMID: 11449272

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