A new year of bioanthro student blogging in Kazakhstan

A new year is upon us, our hair is a bit grayer and our telomeres a touch trimmer. Twenty effing fourteen.

It’s been a bit quiet here at Lawnchair, as I’ve been enjoying the holidays, but also writing a few things up for print. If I weren’t so old and wise, I’d make a New Year’s resolution to add to the blog more frequently. But I have a nascent career to attend to! So in the mean time, with the new year and semester, I’m adding two new courses to the Nazarbayev University bioanthro student blog that can hopefully keep you entertained & edumacated.

The wintry curtain rises for 2014 in Astana.

The wintry curtain rises for 2014 in Astana.

The first batch of student-written posts for the class “Bones, stones and genomes: Human Evolution” will go up on Monday. There will be a slight lull for a few weeks until this class, as well as “Monkey business: Primate behavior and ecology,” start posting in February. In addition to what’s already been posted by last year’s classes, the human evolution class will be adding posts focused on specific bones and fossils, while the primatology class will be adding article reviews/summaries.

So stay tuned to nazarbioanthro.blogspot.com in the coming months! (I should also have more fun new things to say here at Lawnchair, too)

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