The Point of Teaching

And now for something semi-intellectual (please pay no attention to the previous three posts).

A cultural anthropologist at Kansas State (yeah my old stomping grounds) wrote this article about his main research area: how to teach interactively (especially to classes of 500 students).

He discusses how to use a variety of internet methods to get the students involved in the class (ranging from wiki’s to facebook to youtube), and how he tries to avoid teaching in a standard lecture-format. Instead, he sees his job as to be the class’s manager instead of its lecturer/boss.

I’ll admit, toward the end of his article he goes a little too ah, “liberal” for me… he focuses on how he tries to inspire by telling his students they can change the world, etc. I have a hard time seeing how to make a convincing story line for that in paleoanthro classes, but still find it an interesting idea.

Any of you have thoughts/opinions on how to do this or the usefulness of trying to do this for our future classes?