Coming soon: "3.5 million years BC"

Did anybody else read this review of 10,000 BC on Hawk’s blog? I haven’t seen the movie, but some of these so-called reviews he quotes are hilarious/sad/make me want to become a hermit.

P.S. The joke in the title is not mine, it is stolen from Dave Pappano, who is planning a trilogy movie-series poking-fun at the 10,000 BC movie. For more info, read his blog, “Musings From the Ivory Tower” (see sidebar for link) where he will shortly be detailing this filming-plan of his.

P.P.S. Folks (not including zach), we need to post on here more… did you know we got in a minor car accident road tripping to MSU TWO WEEKS AGO? What about the variety of lectures people have attended? (especially the ones I haven’t gone to… somebody please post about those – Buss, Flannery…). If necessary, I can post about more TV shows, but most of them aren’t as intelligent-ish as my last one. Come on, I know you aren’t always taking notes in class!

P.P.P.S. Please note that the last postscript was directed at myself too, so please don’t hate me.