Osteology Everywhere: Zubi

We’re going over bone biology and bioarchaeology this week in my Intro to Bio class, and so I thought I’d open the unit with my patent-pending Osteology Everywhere series. I showed the students the various real-life objects from the series, and they kicked buttocks at seeing the bones in quotidian things. They even got this new one:

That yellow pepper is a ringer for a premolar crown, which hopefully was not as yellow. So I’m very proud of my students. I figure if I can make people see bones everywhere they look, well then I’ve done my job. But hopefully they don’t get as bad as me: a few months ago my friend bought one of those Kinder chocolate eggs with a prize inside. Shaking it, you could hear something rattling in there. It’s disconcerting that my mind immediately guessed, “Legos, or teeth.” At least legos came before teeth.

Also “zubi,” from the title, is the Croatian word for ‘teeth’ (and apparently also slang for ‘breasts’).

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